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Nourishment for body and soul 

Buon appetito!

Piemontese food, the birthplace of Italy’s slow food, is delicious!
We will savour it at local restaurants in the village to support the local economy.
Food will be supplied through local produce and biologically grown, where available. One meal will be at MVI Campus with pizza oven and fireplace under the stars.

Vegetarian food will be the default choice and vegan is possible, while some responsible meat options are available, too. We will try our best to tend to special needs. The traditions in this mountain region offer cheese as a common ingredient. Find out more about the restaurants and other activities to enjoy in Ostana.


Additional cost of food

Your basic registration fee covers the international trainers, the indoor course location and the MVI campus rent, the organizational fees for local logistical support through the MVI team and snacks on campus:
Basic fee: 600 EUR.

Optional Supporter’s fee: You are invited to donate an additional sum to support a student with less accessibility for this course in 2024. Please contact us for more information.


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