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The Inner Development Goals (IDG)
Empathy & Compassion Hub


Meets every month to practice
(self-)compassion and one of the currently 23 IDG skills

Next free practice:

Thursday, July 4, 2024
19:00-20:15 (CEST)/

10:00-11:15 AM (PST)

Please feel warmly welcomed, whatever your experience is.
Simply join this Zoom link 5 minutes earlier:


Walk in Beauty

The Joyful Heart


Pamodja together

Join to explore the IDG skills


BEING: Presence

"Ability to be in the here and now, without judgement and in a state of open-ended presence" 


July 4, 2024

Lotta Adelstal, Galia Tyano Ronen and Mirjam Luthe

Inner, personal resilience in the realm of the IDGs seen through the lens of Mindful Self-Compassion practice 
Author: Mirjam Luthe for ETHZ DRRS MOOC#1 ((2023)

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