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Buon appetito

Piemontese food, the birthplace of Italy’s slow food, is delicious!
Most meals we will savour it at local restaurants in the village to support the local economy. Find out more about the restaurants to enjoy in Ostana.


We will also enjoy meals at the MVI Campus, making use of the pizza oven and bbq at the fireplace. Food will be locally produced and healthy. We will offer vegetarian food as the default but some responsible meat options are available, same with vegan. We will try our best to tend to special needs. Good, though, to be aware of the traditions in mountain food, for example, that cheese is a common ingredient. 

What is included and
what do you need to budget for?

Basic fee300 EUR instead of 600 EUR


This basic fee covers the international trainers, the course location at Centro Culturale and MVI campus rent and the organizational fees for local logistical support through the MVI team. Coffee/tea, fruit and snacks during the mornings on Campus are included in your course fee. 


Additional and optional Supporter’s fee: 
You are invited to practice generosity to your possibility to support a future participant with less accessibility for next year's course offer. We want to include a diverse group to enjoy these course offers that allow for meaningful connections and networking. Please contact MVI at or donate in situ in the MVI donation box


Breakfast depends on where you decide to lay down and rest. In all accommodations, apart from Airbnb, breakfast is included. If you are glamping or camping at MVI, breakfast is also included and will be arranged in buffet style.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner are on a pay-as-you-go basis and covered by you.

We will start our mornings at “Centro Culturale Lou Pourtoun”, where you can enjoy a fantastic coffee (or two). 


We will arrange for joint meals for those that want to join, but you are also free to explore on your own.


Sogni d'oro - lay down and rest

There are various options available according to your needs and possibilities: Choose between camping or glamping at MVI Campus as the cheapest option, followed by shared rooms in the Foresteria next to Centro Culturale with kitchen in a cozy mountain youth hostel style, hotels like the Agriturismo "A Nostro Mizoun" or "Galaberna", in shared apartments or renovated stylish AirBnbs rentals in local mountain style; also a a tree house is available through AirBnb.

Ostana is getting quite popular lately, and accommodation gets booked out fast in the summer, especially in August. Therefore, the MVI team has done pre-bookings for the beginning of September. Please let us know your wishes, and we will support your decision-making with detailed information about the location and distances. Lodging prices are approximate and subject to change.

Please then book your choice as early as possible and let us know where you will stay. The glamping/camping option will be organised through MVI.


Please note that prices below are for accommodation. Breakfast is usually included in Galaberna and Agriturismo, while prepared as a self-serving breakfast buffet for campers at MVI.


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